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Kwame Brown Exposes Charlamagne Sent Cease and Desist Letter To Silence Him and Threatens Defamation Lawsuit in Response

Kwame Brown is retired from basketball, but he has been ruling the headlines in recent weeks due to a viral feud with many people including Stephen A Smith and Gilbert Arenas. However, at the moment his deepest beef is with Charlamagne after he disparaged Kwame Brown on Breakfast Club for an unexplainable reason. Kwame Brown reacted to that by bringing up Charlamagne’s alleged rape case, threatening to find the woman that brought the charges against him, and also called for Hot 97 to fire him. As a result it appears Charlamagne sent a Cease and Desist letter to Kwame Brown.

A Cease and Desist letter notifies a person or business that they are engaging in illegal activity will be be pursued with legal action if they do no stop. In this instance Kwame Brown talking about a Charlamagne’s rape case would presumably be the illegal activity. Kwame Brown responded to Charlamagne’s Cease and Desist letter by threatening a defamation lawsuit of his own.

In essence this whole beef is starting to go way way left. Just check out the videos below.

Here is a video from yesterday where Kwame Brown talked about Charlamagne’s rape case, and questions why Hot 97 allows him to be on the air. This was the last one he posted prior to learning of Charlamagne’s Cease and Desist letter.


The main thing this seems to show is that Charlamagne is really trying hard to make sure nothing about that rape case Kwame Brown is referring to goes viral again. If Charlamagne sent a cease and desist letter to Kwame Brown it means that he really dug up a skeleton in his closet he never wanted to see the light of day again.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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