Kwame Brown Responds to Gilbert Arenas and Stephen Jackson Clowning Him on 'All The Smoke' Podcast

Gilbert Arenas and Stephen Jackson had a lot to say about Kwame Brown on “All the Smoke” Podcast, and the words have apparently cut deeply. They clowned his basketball career and disrespected his legacy. Well now he is firing back as Kwame Brown responded to Gilbert Arenas and Stephen Jackson with a disrespectful rant of his own.

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To start off his rant Kwame Brown called Stephen Jackson a “fake gangbanger” and “fake black lives matter activist”. He also called them “effeminate n*****”. He claims Stephen Jackson is confused, because he wants to be BLM activist, but also talks about killing people as a gang member. Kwame Brown warned them he is not the person to be played with.

Stephen Jackson responded back to Kwame Brown basically calling a truce saying he doesn’t want any personal smoke with him. However, he gave him a backhanded diss by saying they won’t entertain him anymore, because they don’t want to give him any spotlight after he failed at doing so as a Number 1 draft pick.

Seems like the bad vibes between them are only getting worse.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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