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Why Joe Smith’s Wife’s Reaction in New Interview to Him Leaving Her Because She Secretly Started an OnlyFans is Going Viral

Former NBA player Joe Smith is in the middle of a marital drama after he discovered that his wife named Kisha Chavis, a former adult film star, had been running an OnlyFans account without his knowledge. His wife gave an exclusive interview to TMZ Sports, where she revealed that Joe Smith left their home and moved in with his mother after he found out about her online activities.

Why Joe Smith’s Wife’s Kisha Chavis’ Reaction to Him Discovering Her OnlyFans is Going Viral

Chavis claimed that she started her OnlyFans account over a year ago, and that she had links to it on her Instagram page. She said that Joe Smith was not aware of it, because he was not paying attention to his wife. She also claimed that another woman he was seeing was the one who informed him about her OnlyFans page. It’s not clear if she was insinuating that Joe Smith was cheating on her.

During the interview, Chavis defended her decision to create an OnlyFans account, saying that it was a way of expressing herself and making money. She said that Joe Smith knew about her past as an adult film star when he married her, and that he should not be surprised by her actions. She said, “You knew I was an adult video star when you met me. If I would do anything for my own survival then, what makes you think that would change now”.

The interview has gone viral on social media, where many people have expressed their disbelief and criticism of Kisha Chavis’ behavior. They have accused her of being dishonest, disrespectful, and unfaithful to her husband. They have also questioned her logic and morality, saying that she should have informed Joe Smith about her OnlyFans account before starting it, and that she should have respected his feelings and wishes.

The video of the moment Joe Smith found out about his wife’s secret OnlyFans account went viral a few days ago.

The moral of this story has been learned many times before. If you marry someone who had a past in the adult film industry, there’s always a chance they might go back to their roots at some point in time. In addition we all know that OnlyFans account can ruin relationships, especially a happy marriage.

Hopefully Joe Smith and Kisha Chavis can work out their differences. Who knows maybe they will decide on running a joint OnlyFans account.

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