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What is the Chuck E Cheese Pizza Conspiracy Theory? Details Inside

The Chuck E. Cheese pizza conspiracy is a fascinating tale that emerged from the depths of the internet. It all started with a simple question: Does Chuck E. Cheese recycle its pizzas?

What Started the Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Conspiracy Theory?

The theory suggests that the popular children’s entertainment giant saves money by assembling uneaten slices from ordered pizzas into new pizzas, and passes them off as freshly baked. This theory gained viral popularity in February 2019, becoming a hot topic of discussion across various online platforms.

The conspiracy theory was fueled by a single YouTube video, which exploded to the point of international coverage. The video was created by a YouTube star, who visited several Chuck E. Cheese restaurants and filmed what he claimed to be “evidence” that the chain was repurposing old pizza slices.

The pizzas they ordered had irregularly cut slices, which Dawson and his friends found suspicious. One particular pizza, a half-pepperoni half-cheese pizza, appeared to be two halves of different pizzas served together. They were visibly shocked at the discrepancies and even measured the pizzas to confirm their theory that the slices were “irregular”.

The video quickly gained traction, racking up millions of views and sparking widespread debate. The YouTuber’s followers were captivated by the theory, and the video has since garnered nearly 35 million views.

It also spawned dozens of mainstream pieces, with everyone from major news outlets to popular talk shows discussing the same conspiracy theory.

The claims have actually been around for over a decade, with multiple online forums asking the question “Does Chuck E. Cheese recycle pizzas?” However, the YouTuber’s video was the first to bring mainstream exposure to the theory.

The Response from Chuck E. Cheese

In response to the viral spread of the conspiracy theory, Chuck E. Cheese issued a statement denying the allegations. According to the company, the claims made in the video about their pizza are unequivocally false.

They stated that their pizzas are made to order and they prepare their dough fresh in the restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.

Many employees also went on social media and denied ever recycling or being told to recycle pizza slices. The irregular shapes, they claimed, were because the pizzas would sometimes warp or shrink in the oven.

Despite the company’s denial, the conspiracy theory continues to persist. It’s a testament to the power of the internet and the allure of a good mystery.

While it’s unlikely that a major restaurant chain would risk its reputation by recycling pizza slices, the irregular shapes of Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas continue to raise eyebrows and fuel speculation.

Whether or not the theory holds any truth, it’s certainly made ordering a pizza at Chuck E. Cheese a much more interesting experience.

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