People React to Derek Chauvin Verdict by Celebrating in Streets after Jury Finds Derek Chauvin Guilty on All Charges

The Derek Chauvin Verdict has been reached. Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all charges for George Floyd’s murder. The jury which included 7 women and 5 males started deliberations on Monday. Some people felt that due to how quickly they came to a decision that they would announce Derek Chauvin is guilty, and they were right.

What are the Charges Derek Chauvin Was Found Guilty Of and Sentences They Carry?

Derek Chauvin was found guilty Second degree manslaughter which carries a 10 year sentence, guilty of third degree murder which carries a 25 year sentence, and guilty of second degree murder which carries a 40 year sentence. In 8 weeks they will do the official sentencing. Presumably he will serve the sentences concurrently, but they could make him serve them consecutively.

Bail has been revoked and there is no bond set, so he will remain in jail until his sentencing in 8 weeks.

Below is the livestream of the court case.

People were seen celebrating Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in the streets.

People React to Derek Chauvin Verdict by Celebrating in Streets after Jury Finds Derek Chauvin Guilty on All Charges

Details of the arguments between Prosecutors and Derek Chauvin Defense Team

During the trial prosecutors provided details into how Derek Chauvin caused George Floyd’s death due to causing asphyxia. However, his defense team claims the culprit was George Floyd’s use of illicit drugs and a pre-existing heart condition. They also claimed that carbon monoxide from the police car may have played a role as well.

If Derek Chauvin was found not guilty mass chaos was likely going to ensue, but thankfully all that has been avoided. Many businesses, sports leagues, and law enforcement prepared in advance for that possibility, but they can now rest easy.

This is a historical moment in US history, Derek Chauvin found guilty on charges for murdering George Floyd. Justice has been served.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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