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People are Blaming Adam Podcast No Jumper for Fight Between Suspect and Lil Kelpy During Interview

Recently there has been a trend of interviews going left, and unexpected things happening. For example just recently Charleston White pulled a gun on DJ U after he said some things he didn’t take kindly to. Now Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy got into a fight of their own on the Adam No Jumper Podcast.

Details on Why People are Blaming Adam Podcast No Jumper for Fight Between Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy

During the interview in question Adam 22’s goal was to allow Lil Kelpy to clear the air on what went down on the Sharp podcast before he was kicked off. The problem there was that Kelpy still had some pent up anger towards Almighty Suspect, and vice versa. As the interview went on things kept getting more and more tense as the questions got more personal. The situation reached its boiling point when Almighty Suspect started fighting Lil Kelpy. This wasn’t just a normal fight they were spitting on each other, pulling headphones, and punches landed.

On social media some people are criticizing Adam22 for gaslighting the situation. Many people feel that throughout the interview Adam was purposely stirring up Suspect and Kelpy in order to start a fight. Essentially they are accussing him of using their beef for ratings. When they started throwing down Adam looked surprised, but many people feel he was just pretending to be shocked.

For what it’s worth most people agree that Suspect was the one that started the fight by disrespecting Kelpy first, but what really set things off was when the Lil Kelpy called Almighty Suspect a “b****”. Take a look at how it went down, around the 7 minute mark is when things really started popping off, but you should watch the whole interview to see why people are blaming Adam.


In the YouTube comments many people were coming at Adam 22 for trolling Suspect and Kelpy into fighting on his No Jumper podcast.

Moral of the story here is when you put two people who dislike each other in the same room then ask them questions that will clearly rile them up, you have the recipe for a legendary podcast episode and a lot of backlash.

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