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Did Munna Mond Kill Aroy? Details of Conspiracy Theory on Who Shot O-Block Aroy Dead in Facebook Live Video

Most people know that O-Block in Chicago is one of the most dangerous places you can be. Violent crimes happen so regularly in the area that people are used to seeing people getting murdered. The trend continued with the news O-Block member Aroy is dead, and people think Munna Mond may be the shooter.

Video Shows O-Block Member Aroy Shot 7 Times and Killed on Facebook Live Stream

In a shooting video going viral Aroy was beating up a man on ground, and seemed to have control of the situation. As he was pummeling this guy with punches he was also threatening to ‘end him’. However, Aroy let his guard down, and as result was the one that got ended.

Did Munna Mond Kill ARoy? Details on Conspiracy Theory Behind Who Shot Aroy Dead

In the brazen footage a man shot and killed Aroy on Facebook Live as he turned his back to walk away. You can see Aroy’s murderer pull out the gun then shoot him about 7 times, while he was trying to run. A woman could be heard yelling hysterically as she watched the brazen murder take place in broad daylight.

Although it’s tough to see in the footage there is a conspiracy theory that Munna Mond shot Aroy dead. Again it’s really tough to see faces in the video, and it also hasn’t been confirmed who he is fighting. The Munna Mond rumor is still just a rumor, although a widely believed one.

Take a look at the video of O-Block Aroy shot dead on Facebook live after winning a fight.

Did O-Block Aroy Know his Murderer Had a Gun Before He was Shot Dead?

What’s strange about O-Block Munna Mond getting shot dead on Facebook live is that he didn’t seem to know the man he was beating up had a gun. As you can see in the footage Aroy was mounted on top of this person before the shooting, so you would think he would have at least felt the gun or searched the person before turning his back on him.

Who knows maybe he did, but didn’t think the person had it in him to pull the trigger. After all he was basically bullying this person in the fight before he decided to stop pummeling him.

Moral of the story is never turn your back on someone you just beat up. Aroy was only 23 years old at the time of his death, which is way too young to go. Just too tragic, and sad.

The vicious O-block chronicles continue. Hopefully the viral conspiracy theory that Munna Mond killed Aroy is proven false in the long run.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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