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Michael Irvin Exposes His Son ‘Tut Tarantino’ as Fake Rapper Who Lies in His Lyrics on Live TV During Undisputed

Michael Irvin, the Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL analyst, is making headlines for his candid comments about his son Elijah Irvin, who is an aspiring rapper known as Tut Tarantino. During a segment on Undisputed, a sports talk show on Fox Sports, Michael Irvin revealed that his son’s rap lyrics are based on the hardships and struggles that he himself faced in his life, not his son’s.

Why Did Michael Irvin Expose His Son as a Fake Rapper Named Tut Tarantino on Live TV?

Michael Irvin said that his son was rapping about the things that I went through, not the things that he went through. He added that his son grew up in a privileged and protected environment, unlike him. He said that his son was raised in a gated community, went to private schools, and had everything he wanted. He contrasted that with his own upbringing in a poor and violent neighborhood, where he had to fight for survival and success.

His comments were fueled by a discussion about Ja Morant’s relationship with his father Tee. Irvin argued that Tee should be applauded for staying in his son’s life, but also need to take stand to prevent him from messing up his career further.

Michael Irvin’s remarks have sparked a lot of reactions on social media, where many people are shocked and amused by his honesty and willingness to expose his son Tut Tarantino’s rap career as a fraud.

Some people praised him for being a real and authentic father, while others criticized him for being harsh and disrespectful to his son. Some people also questioned his son’s credibility and talent as a rapper, while others defended him and his artistic expression.

It’s not clear how Irvin’s son came up with the name Tut Tarantino, but it’s definitely a catchy moniker.

Michael Irvin Clowned His Son’s Rap Career in the Past

This is not the first time that Michael Irvin has publicly called out his son’s rap career. In 2019, he appeared on the Dan Patrick Show, another sports talk show, where he said similar things about his son’s rap music. He said that his son was rapping about the life I lived and the things he did, and that he was trying to tell him to rap about the life he lives, and the things he does.

The way Tut Tarantino raps you would think he lived a hard life. For example in the song “Never Get Full” he raps, “When I touch me a mil, I’ma be hungry. Still in the streets still making that money”. Why would you want to be in the streets if your dad is a millionaire? People who are really in the streets, are doing anything they can to make it off the streets.