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The Historic Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia Home of the Sixers Image Credit: Unsplash

Location and Small Size of Allen Iverson’s New Statue Has People Convinced Sixers are Disrespecting Him

The Historic Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia Home of the Sixers Image Credit: Unsplash

In the heart of Philadelphia, a city known for its rich sports heritage, a new statue has sparked a debate that transcends the boundaries of art and enters the basketball role of legacy. The Philadelphia 76ers recently unveiled a statue of Allen Iverson, the iconic figure who left an indelible mark on the franchise and the city. However, the size and location of the statue have become the center of a social media storm.

A Legend Cast in Bronze, But Not in Size: Why is Allen Iverson’s Statue So Small?

At the unveiling event, which quickly went viral, the statue’s size caught everyone’s attention. Standing next to his bronze likeness, Iverson, who is six feet tall, appeared to tower over the representation meant to honor him.

Onlookers and fans expected a monument, but instead found a creation more akin to a large trophy. This has led to a wave of criticism, with many feeling that the statue’s diminutive stature fails to adequately honor Iverson’s colossal impact on the game of basketball.

Allen Iverson's Small Statue 'Ankle Breaking' outside the Sixers Training complex
Why Did Sixers Give Allen Iverson Such a Small Statue? Image Credit: YouTube/NBA

Location: Why isn’t Allen Iverson’s Statue in Front Sixers Arena?

The choice of location for Iverson’s statue has also raised eyebrows. Situated at the 76ers’ training complex, it stands away from the public eye, rather than in a prominent place like outside the arena where Iverson’s feats could be celebrated by all.

Given Iverson’s status as the Sixers’ equivalent of Michael Jordan, the decision to place his statue at a practice facility—especially considering Iverson’s well-known stance on practice—has left many fans and commentators perplexed.

Some people theorize that decision might have been made, because the Sixers are planning on moving to a new arena in the coming years, but a statue can easily be moved as well.

Are the Sixers Intentionally Disrespecting Allen Iverson?

Social media has been abuzz with opinions on the matter. Some argue that the statue’s size reflects a lack of appreciation for Iverson’s true stature in the sport. Compared to other players’ statues, Iverson’s seems modest, prompting discussions about whether the city undervalues his contributions.

Others question the symbolism of placing the statue at a practice facility, a location seemingly at odds with Iverson’s own philosophy during his playing days. Remember he’s famous for saying “Practice, we talking about practice. Not a game, practice”.

Then they put his Ankle Breaking statue right in front of the one place that’s associate with a tarnish on his legacy. It’s almost like he’s being trolled by the Sixers organization in some people’s opinion.

Allen Iverson was not just a player; he was a cultural phenomenon. His influence extended beyond the court, shaping the NBA’s culture and leaving a legacy that resonates with fans to this day. The statue, regardless of its size or location, is a testament to his enduring impact.

Yet, the controversy it has ignited is a reminder that how we choose to honor our heroes is as important as the act of remembrance itself.

Allen Iverson deserves a bigger statue actually in front Sixers arena.

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