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Religious Hayward Wisconsin Walgreens Cashier Condom Controversy Makes Walgreens Store Policies Go Viral

It’s well known that most businesses don’t like to mix business with religion. For example Nancy Pelosi is Catholic, but supports abortion rights in public despite her religion being against abortion. However, often times in society the personal religious beliefs of people become intertwined with their workplace, which can lead to chaotic situations. Such is the case in a situation involving a Walgreens cashier and condoms.

Why Did a Religious Walgreens Cashier Refuse to Sell Condoms to a Couple?

A man name Nate Pentz detailed the strange situation he experienced at a Hayward Wisconsin Walgreens when he and his wife Jess were trying to purchase condoms. His wife had forgot her birth control at home, so they needed condoms as backup plan to presumably enjoy their intimate time together. When Nate was getting ready to check out a religious Walgreens cashier named John allegedly refused to sell condoms, because it was against his faith. The incident happened at the Hayward Walgreens store #11857.

Nate Pentz filed a complaint against the religious Walgreens cashier who refused to sell condoms, but there’s a plot twist here you probably won’t expect.

Did the Walgreens Cashier Who Refused Sell Condoms Violate Walgreens’ Company Policy?

Perhaps the craziest or not so crazy part of this story is the fact that the Walgreens’ cashier didn’t violate company policy by refusing to sell the customer condoms. Apparently Walgreens respects the religious beliefs of their employees, and allows it be intertwined with business. Since the cashier named John only refused to checkout the condoms based on his religious beliefs, but was still willing to check out all of Nate’s other items the situation was allegedly within company policy.

This is an interesting situation, because it’s understandable why the customer was mad, but it’s also noble that Walgreens is respecting the religious beliefs of its employees.

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