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“Trump 2024” Trends As Senate Acquittal Paves Way For Donald Trump Running For President in 4 Years

The worst nightmare has come true for people who wanted to see Donald Trump get impeached for other people committing the heinous Capitol Building Insurrection. “Trump 2024” is trending worldwide after the US Senate Acquitted Donald Trump for the second time.

Naturally there are people very angry, and also people very happy with news. Since we try not to write political articles with any bias we have found some of the best reactions from both Democrats and Republicans.

Many people from the likes of Colby Covington to Terrence K. Williams to Wajahat Ali have chimed in on the inevitability of Donald Trump running for president in 4 years.

In all honesty it’s not surprising that Donald Trump was acquitted for inciting the Capitol Building breach. It’s really tough to blame him for what a group of crazy individuals decided to do based on their own political emotions, it was their own fault for taking politics way too seriously. Donald Trump was literally denouncing them as it was going on as well.

Also the way social media covers politics in a biased manner and berates people based on their political beliefs probably contributed more to inciting people who were already mentally unstable to do something crazy. Trump Supporters and Trump haters are both guilty of insulting people who don’t agree with their political vernacular, which only increases people’s anger and removes the possibility of real political discussions.

Joe Biden is probably punching holes through walls right now at the fact that Trump is legally able to run against him again in 2024, despite the fact he probably confident he would win again. There’s a good chance a lot of Trump’s former supporters won’t support him this time around after he denounced them during the Capitol Hill breach.

Author: JordanThrilla