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Bernie Mac Show Star Vanessa aka Camille Winbush Joins OnlyFans and Responds to People Criticizing Her

Bernie Mac Show Star Camille Winbush OnlyFans is a reality, but she wants people to know it’s not because she is broke. On the Bernie Mac show she played the character named Vanessa.

When the news broke that Camille Winbush joined OnlyFans it was met with backlash and people accusing her of being desperate money. This led to her releasing a lengthy statement firing back at people criticizing her.

In that statement she didn’t really explain why she decided to join OnlyFans, but adamantly said it wasn’t for money. She did say she is almost 31 and trying to “live for herself” now. She denounced people who made comments about Bernie Mac being ashamed of her from beyond the grave. Lastly she mentioned that YouTube wasn’t making her as much money as people thought it should.

It’s not known what kind of content she will be posting on her OnlyFans account, but she seems to be insinuating it might be G rated material.

Times are rough right now, and it seems Camille Winbush is just exploring different avenues of making revenue for herself. However, since she is in the spotlight she has to know that people will put everything she does under a microscope.

Author: JordanThrilla