Kevin Samuels Disses Black Women Claiming 80% Are Overweight Disguised as "Thick"

The world’s most famous woman hater is back at it again, and this time black women were his target. In the viral video Kevin Samuels said 80% of black women are overweight disguised as “Thick”.

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Kevin Samuels was arguing with a married black woman over a lot of the popular beliefs such as black women being the most educated type of lady, and most black women having careers. Kevin Samuels dissed black women claiming they are only “the most enrolled”, and that most black women don’t have careers, just jobs. He added that the largest two employers of black women are the Federal Government and Retail as proof as the aforementioned statements.

Of course what stood out most in this disrespectful segment was Kevin Samuels saying black women are overweight most of the time. He says most black woman that call themselves “thick” actually have unhealthy bodies.

Kevin Samuels has made a career of disparaging woman, so he is used to backlash that comes after his videos. There are definitely some “thick” women that are clearly just fat, but 80% seems like an overstatement unless you’re going by the controversial body mass index. There are plenty of “thick” Black women that are still in great shape.

Author: JordanThrilla

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