A woman made a smash, pass, side chick, or wife post on social media and got roasted with endless jokes about her looks. It only took 9 minutes for the amount of comments clowning her level of attractiveness to reach 511 according to one of the users posts.

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This will probably be the last time she ever makes a post like this on social media again, because she learned the hard way social media has zero chill. Take a look at this Smash or Pass post gone wrong.

The jokes in the comments to this woman’s smash or pass post were as ruthless as it gets. Some people said she looked like velociraptor. One person compared her to the fish from Finding Nemo. Another person said she was someone’s brother. Perhaps the meanest joke was the person that said she looks like she has herpes.

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Moments like this will definitely make you quit social media, or show how strong you are mentally. Hopefully this woman has a strong mind and was able to laugh at all jokes thrown at her.

Author: JordanThrilla

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