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Man Wins $10K Betting On Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp Defamation Trial Verdict

With the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp defamation trial now over some people around the world are a whole lot richer thanks to gambling. In what was one of the most viral Hollywood court cases of all time the world got to witness every minute of both their legal teams making a case on why or why not Amber Heard should be found guilty. As more and more evidence came to light it didn’t seem certain who would win the case, but for one man who held strong in his belief Johnny Depp would win it paid off in the end.

Man Wins $10K Betting on Johnny Depp Winning Defamation Trial After Amber Heard Found Guilty

Amber Heard was found guilty of defamation of character against Johnny Depp, but she still lost and won at the same time. The jury awarded Amber Heard $2 million, which covers things like legal fees, but in the same breath awarded Johnny Depp $15 million dollars, which might still be less money than she cost him with the alleged lies she wrote about him. As you probably know Johnny Depp lost many jobs in Hollywood due to the abuse allegations Amber Heard made public, which apparently were mostly lies.

In the gambling world any real life situation can potentially be used to strike gold for any average person. That held true with this viral trial as well. Apparently a man made $10,000 betting on Amber Heard being found guilty, and Johnny Depp winning the case. As result when Depp won $15 million his pockets got $10K deeper as well. To prove he struck gold the man posted a picture of his winnings on social media with a message saying, ‘Another calm 10. Shoutout to Johnny Depp. City Boyz up again, and he won $17 million from the case. Let’s invest another, aka a real life parlay you can control‘.

Seeing this guy win $10K betting on Johnny Depp winning the defamation trial makes us wonder how many people lost money betting on Amber Heard. Since it was less likely she would win the bets involving her success in trial probably had much higher payouts. Congratulations to this man, hopefully he uses that $10K wisely.

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