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Did Yak Gotti Snitch on YSL? Yak Gotti Responds to Snitching Allegations Amidst Young Thug Bond Hearing

It’s been a few weeks since FEDS came crashing down on the YSL label. In the span of a few days Young Thug, Gunna, and other prominent members from the music label found themselves behind bars facing RICO charges. The situation led to many conspiracy theories about how FEDS were able to get enough info the build a case against them. Apparently now there is alleged evidence that Yak Gotti had a lot to do with it, but naturally he’s denying the allegations.

Did Yak Gotti Snitch on Young Thug’s YSL? Yak Gotti Responds to Snitching Allegations

Recently a rumor went viral that Yak Gotti is working with the FEDS in the RICO case against YSL. It’s alleged that Yak Gotti snitching played a major role in the case FEDS built against Young Thug and his comrades. Yak Gotti is facing prison time as well, so if the rumor is true he likely struck an informant deal to reduce to his sentence.

However, Yak Gotti responded to the snitching allegation with a bold message on Instagram. In the post he wrote, ‘In 2015 my brother never did a day in jail, because I claimed my s***. I did 4 years FED with no tears‘. That doesn’t prove Yak Gotti isn’t snitching, but there is another development that possibly could.

Yak Gotti was Denied Bond in YSL RICO Case

Recently 11Alive news released court room footage of the moment Yak Gotti was denied bond by the Judge looking over the YSL RICO case. Take from that what you will, but if Yak Gotti is snitching on YSL would he still be denied bond? Sure it’s possible, but it seems more likely that FEDS would make sure he is given bond for cooperating with them if he really was. Or maybe denying him bond was part of a ploy to make sure he continues to cooperate.

Young Thug Bond Hearing Livestream Footage

Here is some footage from Young Thug’s bond hearing livestream. Things aren’t looking good for him either in terms of having bond granted.

Since the RICO case involving YSL went viral there have been many theories about who might have snitched. It started with a belief that YFN Lucci snitched to protect himself, then a Lil Keed snitching rumor went viral after he died, and now Yak Gotti is the latest to face snitching allegations.

In a RICO case like this it seems almost certain that someone was snitching, but who was it?

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