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How Did Pot Roast TikTok Cat Catch FIV? Details About Health Issues Before Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died

Tragic news has shaken up the world of both TikTok and Cat lovers. One of the most famouns animal superstars on the platform Pot Roast TikTok Cat died. Details about the ailments that led to the furry star’s death paint of a picture of how strong Pot Roast stayed through a tough battle of chronic illness.

How Did Pot Roast TikTok Cat Die?

According to the owner, Pot Roast TikTok Cat’s cause of death was complications from various health issues. Pot Roast cat had herpes and Stomatitis, which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth. Even with those debilitating conditions the superstar cat stayed strong, but the health issues took a turn for worse in the weeks before Pot Roast TikTok cat died.

According to the statement from the owner who goes by PotRoastsMom on social media, Pot Roast TikTok Cat contracted FIV, which stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It’s essentially the cat version of HIV in terms of how it affects a cat’s immune system function. Unfortunately Pot Roast’s FIV began affecting her bone marrow’s ability to produce white and red blood cells.

Pot Roast TikTok cat’s mom was regularly posting videos of them spending time together in the days before the tragic death occurred. After learning the prognosis it seemed she knew Pot Roast’s death was inevitable.

How Did Pot Roast TikTok Cat Catch FIV?

Similar to HIV in humans, FIV is often transferred from cat to cat through open wounds and transfer of bodily fluids. Based on a statement from the owner it’s possible Pot Roast was bitten by another cat before contracting FIV. In many cases cats can live a long time with the virus given proper treatment, but FIV especially deadly in cat’s who were are suffering from chronic health conditions.

Before Pot Roast’s death the feline superstar amassed over 1 million followers on social media. That was one legendary cat, possibly more legendary than the cat named Jort from Reddit.

RIP Pot Roast TikTok Cat, gone but never forgotten.

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