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Hashtag #BussItChallenge Goes Viral As Woman Around The World Buss It Down Before and After Getting Pretty

The twitter and TikTok freaks have come out at night as hashtag #BussItChallenge is going viral around the world. The TikTok Buss It Challenge involves women who buss it down for social media before and after getting all pretty and dressed with makeup on.

To properly do the #BussItChallenge you have to show yourself slightly twerking with no makeup or fancy clothes on. At the same moment you start twerk dancing, you have to make the video cut to the moment you have on your makeup, fancy clothes, and are feeling ready to hit the club.

Take a look at some of the best TikTok videos that made the hashtag #BussItChallenge go viral.


The TikTok Buss it Challenge is so beautiful it can make you shed a tear. Many women were seen calling it their favorite social media challenge ever. It’s cool to see women with enough confidence to show themselves without makeup on. There were times when doing that was completely taboo.

Hashtag #BussItChallenge is one of the best moments of 2021 so far.

Author: JordanThrilla

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