Here is Why People Believe Joe Biden's Black Entrepreneurs Comment is Racist

Joe Biden is in the midst of another controversy for remarks that wreak of hidden racism. During a recent speech Joe Biden’s black entrepreneurs comment led to accusations that he was sharing racist ideologies. Joe Biden claimed that black entrepreneurs don’t how to find lawyers or accountants, which makes them less successful than their white counterparts.

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It seems at the core of his statement is a belief that black people aren’t smart enough to know how to secure the right business relationships to be successful, which seems like subliminal racism. In reaction to the seemingly racist comment, people on social media began expressing how they feel Joe Biden is continuously condescending towards black people.

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Take a look at the video, and some reactions.

Scherie Murray reacted to Joe Biden’s black entrepreneurs comment asking the world how he keeps getting away with making racist remarks.

Here is Why People Believe Joe Biden's Black Entrepreneurs Comment is Racist

Tacha B brought up the past comment where Joe Biden insinuated that black people don’t know how to use the internet.

Here is Why People Believe Joe Biden's Black Entrepreneurs Comment is Racist

The story of Joe Biden’s path to presidency, and the leeway he gets as president in terms of media coverage on incidents like this seems to be one showing that people’s disdain for Donald Trump makes them overlook anything he does. Remember in the early days of his presidential campaign Joe Biden said Black people aren’t black if they don’t vote for him during an interview with Charlamagne.

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The crazy part about incidents like these is Joe Biden might be so inherently racist, that he doesn’t even realize that some of the remarks he’s saying can offend certain races. He really needs to work on expressing his political beliefs and goals in a more tasteful way that can’t be misconstrued as racism.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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