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Kensington Ave Philadelphia at Night in 2021 Is Depressing to See

Oh the great America, some people from other countries think there are roads made of gold, no trash on the streets, and everything looks perfect. The stark reality is that some places still look like a third world country. Proof of that is Kensington Ave Philadelphia at night in 2021.

Viral footage taken by someone driving down Kensington Ave Philadelphia at night looks like stuff you would only see in carefully constructed movie scenes. There are people using dumpster fires for heat, trash everywhere the eye can see, people shooting heroin in the arms, people smoking crack, and all the while you see can see police cars just driving by like nothing is going on.

When watching the video you are left wondering how is this possible in 2021?

The people in this video have truly been forgotten, and are living with no hope. You can see people passed out while standing up and people sleeping on the sidewalks, because they no where to go. The saddest part is there is plenty of government money floating around to help these people, give them warm places to sleep, provide them with help to recover from their drug addiction, and hire some streetsweepers to clean up all the trash littered everywhere.

Author: JordanThrilla

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