All around the world Queen Elizabeth II’s death has led to many strange reactions from people who aren’t taking her passing as seriously as those in her home country. This is mostly due to Royal Family’s controversial history in terms of things that England has done to other countries under their rule. For example Irish people celebrated her death with viral chants during a Shamrock Rovers game, and an Adrenochrome conspiracy theory went viral in America due to her passing. Now the Brian Johnson aka Liver King is trending after he pulled up to Buckingham Palace in London.

Was Brian Johnson aka Liver King Doing Bicep Curls Outside Queen Elizabeth II’s Buckingham Palace Due to the Adrenochrome Conspiracy Theory?

For those that don’t know Liver King aka Brian Johnson is a 45 year old man who claims to be the CEO of “Ancestral Lifestyle”. He has millions of followers on social media due to his incredible physique, and his diet that consists of eating raw meat more specifically liver. Now we’re not entirely sure what his connection to the Queen Elizabeth II is, but in some ways his lifestyle connects with the Adrenochrome conspiracy that went viral after her death.

Back in 2020 a conspiracy theory began to circulate around the internet based on a drug called Adrenochrome, which is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline, more specifically epinephrine. The drug was studied for over 20 years during 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but was found to have no official medical necessity. Based on a viral conspiracy theory allegedly started by QAnon members, people theorize it’s possible that Queen Elizabeth II ran out of Adrenochrome that was being blood harvested from kidnapped children.

The human body produces Adrenochrome when you’re extremely scared, which is why people feel like they run faster when they are running from danger in comparison to normal circumstances. In that sense in theory it could give an older person more life. Dr. Phil did an episode focused on woman who claim her child was kidnapped for this chemical, so there are real life instances of parents who truly believe the conspiracy.

When you think about Liver King’s raw organ diet in some ways it’s similar to the conspiracy theory that Queen Elizabeth was drinking human blood for Adrenochrome nutrient. In the viral footage of Liver King at Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace you can hear him tell the security guard “It’s what she would have wanted”. Was he insinuating that she would have supported him being their since he eats raw meat, which presumably contains blood that could have adrenochrome in it? Take a look the viral footage.

Whatever thee reason behind this footage is, no one could have predicted seeing the Liver King doing bicep curls in front of Buckingham Palace during a memorial for Queen Elizabeth II.

The world is a strange place these days. You can read more about the Adrenochrome Conspiracy theory here.

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