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NBA 2k Reddit Moderator Responds to Rumor ‘Green or Miss’ is Removed in NBA 2K24

A viral rumor has been circulating on social media that the controversial “Green or Miss” shooting system from NBA 2K23 is being removed in the upcoming NBA 2K24. The rumor started after a Twitter user named @JABridgeforth posted a tweet saying “Someone just said too. ‘Green or miss is not back in 2K24’”.

The tweet has since received thousands of comments from fans who are either excited or worried about the possible change. In reaction to the commotion an NBA 2K reddit moderator spoke out, and said something very interesting as you will see below.

Why was the Green or Miss System Added to NBA 2K23?

It is widely believed that the “Green or Miss” shooting system was introduced by 2K developers in NBA 2K23 to create more a skill gap in the gaming community. They presumably wanted to make shooting feel like it requires a lot of skill, just like it does in real life.

The system works by rewarding players who can time their shots perfectly and get a green release, which guarantees a made basket 99% of the time, granted you aren’t blocked or something. However, if the shot is slightly early or slightly late, the chances of making it are drastically reduced, regardless of how open or close the shooter is.

NBA 2k Reddit Moderator RF_Ribeiro Responds to Rumor 'Green or Miss' is Removed in NBA 2k24
@JABridgeforth Tweets Out Rumor that Green or Miss is Gone in NBA 2K24

Why Do Some People in the 2K Community Hate the ‘Green or Miss’ Shooting System?

The system has been very divisive among fans, as some think it adds more realism and challenge to the game, while others think it is unfair and frustrating. Many players have complained that the system is broken, as some shots are inexplicably much easier to green than others.

For example, fading baseline three-pointers are more likely to go in than wide open mid-range jumpers, no joke. Some players also feel that the system is not realistic, as in real life, the best shooters like Stephen Curry make some of their non-green releases that are close to being perfect consistently.

How Social Media Reacted to the Rumor

The reactions to the rumor that the “Green or Miss” system is being removed in NBA 2K24 have been mixed. Some fans are happy that they will no longer have to deal with the system, and hope that NBA 2K24 will have a more balanced and enjoyable shooting mechanic.

Others are concerned that NBA 2K24 will end up being like NBA 2K22, which many consider to be the worst 2K game ever made. There are still people suffering PTSD from three point spam in that game. NBA 2K22 had a very easy and forgiving shooting system, along with the fakest blocking mechanics ever, which made the game too arcade-like and unrealistic.

NBA 2K Reddit Moderator Responds to ‘Green or Miss’ Gone in NBA 2K24 Rumor

Before you get too excited or worried about the rumor, you should know that it is not confirmed by any official source. In fact, an NBA 2K Reddit moderator whose username is ‘RF_Ribeiro’ responded to the rumor by telling people not to believe things reported by unofficial sources.

He also pointed out that whatever anyone has played of NBA 2K24 is play now mode in default difficulty, which may not reflect the final product. He wrote in his comment: “Please don’t take tweets from unofficial sources as fact. (Also keep in mind whatever anyone has played of 2K24 is play now mode in default difficulty, most likely)”.

NBA 2k Reddit Moderator RF_Ribeiro Responds to Rumor 'Green or Miss' is Removed in NBA 2k24
Did NBA 2K Reddit Moderator Shut Down the ‘Green or Miss’ NBA 2k24 Rumor? Image Credit: 2K Reddit

What’s interesting about his reaction to the rumor, is that he actually didn’t confirm whether it’s true or not. His statement was a bit vague, which could mean there might be some truth to this situation, and he just can’t say so publicly. In the same breath, you could interpret what he said as saying it is still in the game.

Either way this is a win win for 2K, because in the end it increases the anticipation for the game. Is Green or Miss cancelled in NBA 2K24? To be, or not to be?

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