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Lil Boosie ‘Rocket Man’ Lyrics about Migos Takeoff’s Death Goes Viral

There’s no doubt that when it comes to songs where you can feel emotions through your speakers Lil Boosie is still one of the best. With the pain the world is feeling from the untimely loss of Takeoff, it was inevitable that Boosie would find a way to put his feelings about the tragedy into the creation process of a new song. Today the world heard the finished result, and people are very impressed.

Details about Lil Boosie’s “Rocket Man” Lyrics Talking About Migos Takeoff’s Death

On his new song ‘Rocket Man’ Lil Boosie pays homage to Takeoff with some very deep lyrics, and cool wordplay. In one verse he says, “We used to be heroes, no they shoot us down like free throws, like killing a rapper a cheat code. Popping perks is cooler than selling kilos. Women showing too much looking like cheap h**s. And I hope you know what she know they gone try to take you before Takeoff, Long Live Migos… Rocket Man”. That verse is so deep it belongs on poster in a museum somewhere. So many layers of depth to what he said.

The message Lil Boosie sent in those in some of those ‘Rocket Man’ lyrics is similar to the sentiment the gun violence protesters at Takeoff’s funeral had.

In the long run Takeoff’s death could be the moment that truly brings about a positive change in hip-hop in terms of incidents of unnecessary shooting deaths.

It’s tragic how much talent has been lost over the years due to gun violence.

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