Is Tekashi 6IX9INE Gay? Video of Man Pouring Drink Down Tekashi69 Throat Goes Viral

Tekashi 6IX9INE hasn’t been heard from much these days, which some people feel could be due to him being in fear of ending up like Alpo. When he does go viral these days it’s always for the strangest reason. That holds true with a recent video that has people thinking that Tekashi 6IX9INE is gay.

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Video of Man Pouring Drink Down Tekashi69’s Throat Goes Viral

A recent video shows a strange incident that happened while Tekashi69 was out having dinner with some friends. For some strange reason a shirtless man poured a drink down Tekashi 6IX9INE’s throat, and he seemed to enjoy it very much.

It could be a reach, but this video has led to Tekashi69 gay rumors. Could that be the real reason behind his rainbow hair?

At the moment Tekashi’s career seems to be on a major downward trend, so in reality any kind of viral rumor that gets his name trending again should help him remain relevant.

Are you looking forward to hearing more of his music? Or do you hope he retires from music for good?

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