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Is Dusty Locane a Pop Smoke Clone or His Cousin? People Are Accusing Dusty Locane of Stealing Pop Smoke Flow and Style

Is Dusty Locane a Pop Smoke clone or his cousin? This is a question being asked in the Hip Hop world after people accused Dusty Locane of stealing Pop Smoke’s flow and style.

Dusty Locane sounds like Pop Smoke in literally every single way, and even uses his same mannerisms. However, there is a rumor that he is actually related to Pop Smoke, which could make this a family thing.

As an example take a listen to Dusty Locane’s “Caught in the Rain” song. If you close your eyes while listening there is almost no way to tell that isn’t Pop Smoke rapping.

It’s tough to argue against anyone who says Dusty Locane is a Pop Smoke Clone, even he himself probably wouldn’t deny that.

However, it’s possible this is his way of paying homage to his late cousin if indeed they are related. There is still no evidence they are though, besides internet rumors.

For now it seems the people saying Dusty Locane stole Pop Smoke’s flow and sound have ample evidence.

Author: JordanThrilla