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Why Did Jay Z Reject White Woman Asking Him To Sign a Baseball With His Autograph?

Jay Z is usually a nice guy to fans in most situations. If he is in your vicinity and you ask for an autograph, he will probably comply with your request, apparently unless it’s baseball related. A viral video shows Jay Z rejecting a white woman asking him to sign a baseball with his autograph.

The reason behind Jay Z refusing to autograph the baseball for the woman was explained in four words. It sounded like he said to her, “I don’t play baseball”. As he left the scene the poor woman was laughed at by the other bystanders, and you could see a look of embarrassment on her face.

She can’t be all mad about Jay Z refusing to autograph the baseball, because he did sign a poster she was holding.

However, having his signature on the baseball would be worth a lot more, so that had to be very disappointing. Now the world knows Baseball and Jay Z truly don’t mix.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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