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Real Dolphin Reacting to Mariah Carey’s High Note Whistle Goes Viral

When it comes to discussions of the best singing voices of all time Mariah Carey’s name is always brought up. What many people remember most is the legendary high notes she would hit in some of her music. The high pitched sound could give people goosebumps it was so powerful. Apparently humans aren’t the only ones who love her high pitched singing. A viral video shows a real dolphin reacting to Mariah Carey’s high note.

The footage begins as the Dolphin kisses her with its nose area. Out of the blue Mariah Carey whistles causing the Dolphin to freak out with what sounds like hysterical laughter. It also jumped away from her real fast indicating its level of surprise. The human like reaction made it seem like a person was in a dolphin costume in that moment.

Dolphins are known as one of the smartest animals on earth besides humans. Dolphins are so intelligent that they can teach other dolphins new things they have learned. They are also capable of solving complex problems. When you take that into account it’s not so surprising how the dolphin reacted to Mariah Carey’s high note the same way some people would.

In a world run by dolphins Mariah Carey would be a superstar.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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