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Detective Allegedly Claims Young Thug Snitched on a Murder Case While Sitting in a Police Car

The rap world is buzzing with a viral rumor that Grammy-winning rapper Young Thug snitched on someone involved in a murder case. The rumor stems from leaked court documents that allegedly show that prosecutor Detective Quinn is claiming that Young Thug snitched on a murder case while sitting in the back of a police car. The murder case in question allegedly triggered a series of gang-related killings in Atlanta.

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams, is facing trial in a RICO case with rap lyrics as part of evidence. He is among 28 individuals named in the indictment who are allegedly associated with the Atlanta-based Young Slime Life (YSL), a gang that prosecutors allege Young Thug co-founded, along with two other co-defendants, in 2012. But YSL, which is also the acronym for “Young Stoner Life,” is also the name of the rapper’s brand and music label — an imprint of 300 Entertainment. The music label is not named in the indictment.

Young Thug is not charged with murder or attempted murder but is accused of allegedly renting a car used in the Jan. 10, 2015 killing of Donovan Thomas Jr., which allegedly “triggered” additional gang-related killings in the city. He has pleaded not guilty to all eight counts.

“Mr. Williams has committed no crime whatsoever,” his attorney Brian Steel told ABC News. “We will fight this case ethically, legally and zealously. Mr. Williams will be cleared.”

Did Young Thug Snitch on Someone Involved in a Murder Case?

With Detective Quinn allegedly getting ready to reveal that Young Thug snitched while inside a police car, his legal team is working frantically to protect his rap image from the damage that type of accusation may cause.

According to reports Young Thug’s lawyer claims that Quinn’s account of what happened is “inaccurate”, and also isn’t relevant to the case at hand. His legal team believes that putting it out there that Young Thug snitched could have far reaching implications on how people perceive him character wise.

Young Thug’s YSL Case Has Been Plagued with Snitching Revelations

This news comes after footage surfaced of YSL Woody seemingly snitching on a murder plot involving Young Thug during an interrogation in October 2021. In the video, YSL Woody can be seen divulging information about Thug and others to detectives, and even offering to help authorities catch the culprits in the act.

“Somebody is supposed to get killed tonight,” he says. “This is a murder that’s about to take place with some very hot people and the stuff that I know right now should help me get out of my situation.”

He adds: “I’ll tell y’all this much right here: I know the people who are going to go do it, I can get the time when they’re going to go do it, so y’all can catch them in the act.”

When pressed about the identity of the target, YSL Woody tells detectives it’s an individual named Shell Kell, adding that the person behind the hit is “mad” and “obsessed with this guy.” When one of the detectives asks: “Who are you talking about, Jeffery?” — referring to Thug’s government name — Woody nods his head.

The YSL affiliate goes on to describe the person he’s incriminating as somebody he’s “close” with, saying: “I care for him and I hate y’all doing this to him.” He later attempts to negotiate his freedom by offering to let law enforcement “see me go meet up with them and discuss it” and witness the culprits carrying out the murder.

Woody seemingly alludes to Young Thug again when he says: “This n-gga here so smart, he moving different. It’s hard to keep up with how he moving. He’s not moving how he used to move … but he wants this n-gga so bad that he’s been reckless.” He also calls the person “rich” but “stupid” for apparently running his mouth about his alleged criminal plans.

“That’s why I get away from him,” he adds. “That’s why you never see me post. I just hate being around.”

The interrogation footage has only further fueled the snitching allegations that have already plagued the YSL RICO case.

Young Thug’s case has sent shock waves through the music industry and spotlighted the controversial use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal proceedings.

Prosecutors using Young Thug’s songs, videos and social media posts as proof of his alleged gang affiliation and criminal activity.

Young Thug has maintained his innocence and his supporters have rallied behind him, calling for his freedom and justice.

The rap world will be closely following the developments of this case, as it could have a major impact on Young Thug’s career and legacy. Will he be able to clear his name and prove that he did not snitch on a murder case? Or will he be convicted and face a lengthy prison sentence along with a damaged reputation street cred wise? Only time will tell.

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