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Inspectah Deck Exposes Gay Illuminati Rituals Him and Ghostface Saw at HipHop Mansion Party in Hollywood

For many years there have been rumors and conspiracy theories of gay rituals going on HipHop, which many people say were Illuminati related. A new interview with Inspectah Deck may be more proof those rumors are indeed valid. During the interview in question, Inspectah Deck exposed Gay Illuminati Rituals him and Ghostface saw at a HipHop Mansion Party in Hollywood.

He made sure not to say any names, but he claims he saw faces of many hiphop celebrities people are familiar at these gay rituals. Inspectah Deck and Ghostface were uninvited guests to this party, so they were in shock at what they were seeing as they opened different doors.

This isn’t the first time a prominent hiphop artist has made claims about witnessing gay rituals taking place. Last year we wrote an article about Russell Simmons nephew claiming Def Jam makes artists do gay rituals. What he described sounds very similar to the gay rituals Inspectah Deck is insinuating he and Ghostface saw during that Mansion Party.

The artists Inspectah Deck and Ghostface saw at the mansion party remains a mystery, but there’s an old saying that goes “What happens in the dark always comes to light“, so maybe one day the truth will be revealed.

Author: JordanThrilla

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