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Joe Budden Responds to Drake and Explains His Criticism of the New Album ‘For All the Dogs’

Joe Budden, the former rapper and current podcast host, has recently expanded his thoughts on Drake’s latest album ‘For All the Dogs’ during a Clubhouse interview responding to him. Budden, who has a long history of beefing with Drake, expressed his disappointment with the Canadian superstar’s musical direction, and accused him of pandering to the young TikTok obsessed audience.

Budden explained that he considers Drake to be the leader of rap by many people, so he expects him to set the trends and not follow them. He said that Drake’s new album sounds like a collection of songs that belong to other artists, such as Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, and others. He said that Drake should be a better rapper now, and not a worse rapper than he was before, considering his position in hip-hop and his age.

Budden also commented on Drake’s vulnerability, and how it has changed over the years. He said that Drake used to be more confident and authentic when he was a young and upcoming artist, but now he seems more insecure and defensive despite his status in hip-hop. He conveyed that Drake has lost his edge and his originality, and that he is trying to fit in with the younger generation instead of leading them.


Budden clarified that he is a core Drake fan from the Comeback Season days, and that he is not hating on him. He said that he still respects Drake as an artist and a businessman, but he wishes that he would challenge himself more and make better music. He hopes that Drake will listen to his constructive criticism, and improve his craft.

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