Transgender Female Rapper Using Jay Z Sample of 'Bring Em Out' Lyrics Goes Viral Transgender rapper AVA rapping Jay Z 'bring em out' lyrics over sample. Transgender female rapper Jay Z sample 'bring them out'.

Samples are one of the most beautiful aspects of hip-hop music. Sound engineers take a tidbits of an old song, and perfectly mix it with a modern beat. The result is a perfect melodic soup that pays homage to the past, while satisfying the present. Due to how expensive it can be to clear samples, sometimes hearing them on random songs can catch people off guard.

Did Transgender Female Rapper AvA Clear a Jay Z ‘Bring Em Out’ Sample?

A Jay Z sample is why a song from an upcoming transgender artist is going viral. Transgender female rapper AvA used a Jay Z sample on her song “Bring Em Out”. On the song’s hook AvA raps,

“If you got a bankroll time to send it out, and if you know some bad b****** time to bring them out”.

As AvA is rapping ‘Bring Em Out’ on the last part of that line you can hear a Jay Z sample in the background from the hook of his song with TI.

AvA’s ‘Bring Em Out’ vs Jay Z & TI’s ‘Bring Em Out’

Transgender female rapper AvA used the Jay Z sample from the hook of this classic T.I. song, and also copied the name as well.

Whose version of ‘Bring Em Out’ is better?

How Was Transgender Rapper AvA able to Use a Jay Z Sample?

At the moment AvA’s “Bring Them Out” video has around 111, 500 views, after being released back in January 2021. AvA has around 6,600 subscribers YouTube.

Considering how expensive a Jay Z sample would presumably be, could a relatively unknown artist really have the musical budget afford to have it cleared?

If Jay Z did clear his voice sample for AvA, it shows he has a lot of respect for Transgender female rappers. It also shows that AvA has more pull in the music industry than meets the eye.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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