Video of Migos and Quavo Beating Up Justin Laboy For Saweetie Interview on 'Respectfully Justin' Allegedly Leaking Soon

A new rumor is a viral that video of Migos and Quavo beating up Justin Laboy for the Saweetie interview he did on his “Respectfully Justin” show is going to leak soon. Footage of that interview dropped last week in which Saweetie revealed a lot of sensitive information about her relationship with Quavo.

What Made Quavo Mad About Justin Laboy Interviewing Saweetie?

There were so many sketchy things about that interview, but one aspect that stood out most was Justin Laboy had Saweetie’s Ex boyfriend Justin Combs at this same interview. You could see how uncomfortable they both looked knowing they have history with each other and that Quavo was going to see that footage. Plus Saweetie said all kinds of strange stuff during this interview.

Not too long ago after Saweetie and Quavo annouced their breakup, but both of them had very different reasons that contradicted each other for why happened.

Details Fueling the Rumors of Migos and Quavo Beating up Justin Laboy

The fight between Migos Quavo and Justin Laboy allegedly happened at an Atlanta Nightclub last night. They basically caught him lacking from the stories people are telling. Multiple reports allege there is a video of this beat down that may drop soon, but P Diddy is offering top dollar to make sure the tape never goes public. It’s believed he feels Justin Comb indirectly instigated the situation, and doesn’t want Justin Laboy’s image tarnished.

Story is still developing.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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