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Interrogation Footage Allegedly Shows a Barefoot YNW Melly Snitching on Someone Who Pulled a Gun on Him

Leaked online footage of YNW Melly’s interrogation from 2014, which may show that he is a snitch is going viral. YNW Melly is a rapper from Gifford, Florida, who is currently on trial for the alleged double homicide of his friends and fellow rappers YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy in 2018. He is facing the death penalty if convicted.

The interrogation footage shows YNW Melly being questioned by detectives about a shooting incident that occurred in 2014, when he was 15 years old. In the footage, YNW Melly gives up the name and location of a person who allegedly pulled a gun on him. He also told detectives what school the person went to, and that they were in “alternative” classes. YNW Melly claimed he shot back at the person in self defense.

One of the most striking aspects of the footage is that YNW Melly was barefoot while in the interrogation room. People who have been in rooms like that claim that they can be extremely cold, which makes his lack of footwear very strange. What happened to his shoes? Was he arrested barefoot, or did police take off his shoes to make sure he wasn’t hiding a weapon like a knife in them? The footage has left social media asking many questions. Take a look at the video, and you be the judge of whether it’s proof that YNW Melly is a snitch.

As aforementioned, the footage is from 2014, four years before YNW Melly allegedly killed his friends in a staged drive-by shooting in Broward County. According to prosecutors, YNW Melly was the shooter and his co-defendant Cortlen Henry was the driver of the Jeep Compass that they used to transport the victims. They claim that YNW Melly and Henry tried to make it look like they were also shot by an unknown assailant, but that forensic evidence contradicts their story .

The leaked interrogation footage may not have an impact on YNW Melly’s murder trial, but it could impact his career if he gets out of prison. The video may cast doubt on YNW Melly’s credibility and character, as it shows him snitching on someone who allegedly threatened his life. It may also raise questions about his mental state and behavior, as he appears to be calm and casual while talking about a violent incident and being barefoot in a police station.

The leaked interrogation footage of YNW Melly is a shocking and controversial piece of media that has sparked a lot of reactions and discussions online. It may reveal a side of YNW Melly that contradicts his image as a loyal and fearless rapper who does not cooperate with law enforcement.

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