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Anderson .Paak New Tattoo Goes Viral: Here is What Anderson .Paak’s Tattooed Will Says

When most people start planning for their funerals the instructions to follow after their passing is usually written in a will, but would it be better to write your requests on your body? The question is viral after the reveal of Anderson .Paak’s new arm tattoo that instructs people not release posthumous albums after his death. In essence Anderson .Paak tattooed a will on his arm. The reason behind the tattoo is proof of how dedicated he is to releasing quality music.

What Does Anderson .Paak’s Tattooed Will Say?

Written on Anderson .Paak’s new tattoo is a message saying,

When I’m gone please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached. Those were just demos, and never intended to be heard by the public.

This message is written near his forearm area. It seems he really values the art of only giving fans projects he has fine tuned to perfection. He probably doesn’t want his legacy tarnished by the release of unfinished tracks on a posthumous album.

Check out Anderson .Paak’s no posthumous albums tattoo.

Anderson .Paak New Tattoo Goes Viral: Here is What Anderson .Paak's Tattooed Will Says . Anderson .Paak no posthumous albums tattoo

Anderson .Paak is a very unique artist with a sound that can best described as a “one of one”.

Will Anderson .Paak’s tattoo requesting no posthumous albums or songs be an effective tool at keeping his demos under wraps if tragedy happened? At the moment Anderson .Paak is signed to Aftermath Entertainment who seem to be one of the music labels that value respecting their artists. They would probably adhere to his wishes, but you never know when money is involved.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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