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Here’s Why Lil Boosie Wants Black People to Boycott Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix Show to Get it Banned

One of the top shows on Netflix at the moment is the ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ limited series, which takes people through the events of one of the deadliest serial killers in United States History. The show is very controversial, because of the nature of the crimes he committed, and the demographics of the victims. Now Lil Boosie is speaking out, and he wants people to take action against Netflix.

Why Does Lil Boosie Want Black People to Boycott Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Show?

Lil Boosie’s reaction to Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix show is at the core the same as most people. He described it with two bold words “sick s***”. However, Lil Boosie took things a step further, and called for black people to boycott Netflix until the show is taken off the platform. Before Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested on July 22, 1991 he killed 17 people. Most of victims were young black men, some of which were still kids when he murder them and ate their body parts. Lil Boosie feels the Jeffrey Dahmer show should be removed from Netflix, and the families of the victims should be getting paid from the revenue the series has brought in so far. Take a listen.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Arrested?

On July 22, 1991 a man named Tracy Edwards was able to escape Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, and flag down a police officer named John Balcerzak. During his testimony in 1992 Tracy Edwards described how Jeffrey Dahmer lured him to his apartment with the promise of paying him $100 to take nude photos. Before he escaped he described how Jeffrey Dahmer told him that he was literally going to eat his heart. The survivor claimed that he wasn’t gay, and only accepted Jeffrey Dahmer’s offer, because he desperately needed the money. Take a listen to his full testimony.

Netflix has done a lot of series about controversial serial killers, so it’s unlikely Jeffrey Dahmer’s show will get banned from the platform. However, Lil Boosie definitely has a point, especially his idea about the families of the victims getting paid by Netflix. In fact it’s possible they were already paid just for their stories to be used in the series.

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