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Is Dr. Dre Gay? New Interview Reveals Possible Reason 2Pac Believed Dr. Dre was Gay

Is Dr. Dre gay? In a new Art of Dialogue interview Kenya Ware revealed the alleged reason 2Pac thought Dr. Dre was gay. For a long time there has been a rumor that Tupac walked in on Dr. Dre giving another man top. There was another strange rumor that 2Pac thought Dr. Dre was gay, because he had no facial hair. It appears both those rumors may be far from the real truth.

According to Kenya Ware Tupac was angry at how Dr. Dre abruptly left Death Row records. In retaliation he started calling Dr. Dre gay and never stopped. Take a listen to this amazing Art of Dialogue Interview.

Kenya Ware talks about 2Pac thinking Dr. Dre was gay near the 8:40 mark, but you should watch the whole interview to get good grasp of how everything went down.

If Kenya Ware is telling the truth Tupac calling Dr. Dre gay was part of a massive smear campaign Death Row records started after Dr. Dre decided to go his own way.

Dr. Dre and Tupac Way Back in the Day Image Credit: Twitter

In the interview it was revealed Dr. Dre hated the working environment Suge Knight surrounded him with, because he liked to create music in calm peaceful place.

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