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Is Ben Simmons Smashing a Trans Woman? Transgender Woman Exposes Ben Simmons Text Messages on Her Phone in Viral Video

Is Ben Simmons smashing a Trans woman? A Transgender woman exposed Ben Simmons’ text messages on her phone in a viral video.

In the past the Trans woman named Amani has accused other superstars such as Lil baby, Trey Songz, and Fabolous of messing with her, but she never had concrete evidence like she is revealing now about Ben Simmons.

In the video the transgender woman shows a text message from Ben Simmons where he said, “You done acting crazy?”. The trans woman then shows the message is clearly from his social media profile. Take a look.

It was well known that Ben Simmons took his breakup with Kendall Jenner very hard. He allegedly wanted to have a long term relationship with her, while she allegedly still wanted to have fun. He ended up being dumped TWICE by her, or so it seemed.

If these allegations from Amani are true it means Ben Simmons found new love with a transgender woman after having his heart broken by a cisgender woman.

Now that a trans woman exposed Ben Simmons texting her, it will interesting to see how he responds. If the story is true, he might just keep silent and hope people forget about it. It would be ironic if Ben Simmons is smashing a transgender woman now that Dwight Howard is on his team.