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Hector Lombard Punks Out Tyron Woodley After Confronting Him For Trying to Smash His Girlfriend

Tyron Woodley isn’t scared of Jake Paul, but it appears the same isn’t true when it comes to Hector Lombard. During a recent event Hector Lombard punks out Tyron Woodley for trying to smash his girlfriend in the past.

In the footage Tyron Woodley was shook almost speechless as Hector Lombard told him what was what to his face. The situation ended peacefully, mainly because T-Wood wanted no parts of a fight with him. Take a look at how it went down.

The Backstory of the Beef Between Hector Lombard and Tyron Woodley

The beef between these two started when Hector Lombard cheated on his girlfriend, and began dating another woman behind her back. That girl he started dating got hurt at the gym, and Tyron Woodley offered to help her recover to which Hector Lombard agreed. When he traveled back to Louisiana, he claims Tyron Woodley began trying to smash her for almost a week by telling her how bad of person Hector Lombard was. Ironically Tyron Woodley was cheating on his wife, because he was married at the time, which made this a cheating love triangle.

Long story short Hector Lombard was cheating on his girlfriend with another woman, then Tyron Woodley tried to cheat on his wife by smashing the girl Hector Lombard was cheating with. In other words they both lost in the end, because cheaters never win.

Jake Paul might have field day with this.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff