Their season started off rough, the road had a lot of uncertainty, people questioned them signing Antonio Brown, but in the end they made history. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are first team ever to host the Super Bowl in their Home Stadium.

Super Bowl LV is taking place in Tampa Florida at Buccaneers stadium, and thanks to the 43 year old Tom Brady’s leadership it’s a home game for them.

Antonio Brown didn’t play in this game due to a knee injury, but that didn’t even matter. What changed the game was last second play at the end of the first half. Instead of punting the ball and playing it safe, Tom Brady threw a 39 yard touchdown pass to Scotty Miller giving them a 21 – 10 lead going into the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter a pass interference call on Greenbay Packers sealed the win for them.

Tom Brady now has a resume including 10 super bowl appearances, 6 championships, and 4 MVPs. He is the Michael Jordan or Lebron James of the NFL for sure.

Author: JordanThrilla