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Sixers Philadelphia Hecklers Destroy Ben Simmons As He Tries to Escape City on Bus

Yesterday marked Ben Simmons first return to Philly as a member of another team, and as expected it came with some drama. The matchup between the Sixers and Nets had many elements, which led to an intense emotional circus for both the fans and players.

Sixers Philadelphia Hecklers Destroy Ben Simmons As He Tries to Escape on Bus

During the game Philly fans couldn’t say much to Ben Simmons, because the Sixers got decimated by the Nets from start to finish. From the opening buzzer Kevin Durant, Seth Curry, and Kyrie Irving were all taking things personal due to how James Harden quit on them, or how they were traded. There was also the dynamic between Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant, which is now one of the best ongoing beefs in the NBA.

Perhaps the most intense moment between Ben Simmons and Sixers fan came outside the arena.

A viral video posted by Fox 29’s Chris O’Connell shows Philadelphia Sixers fans heckling Ben Simmons as he was trying to leave on a team bus. The timid Ben Simmons didn’t say anything back to them as he held his head down, and quickly got on the bus before the situation turned dangerous. Considering how bad he was in the playoffs during his Sixers tenure, there isn’t much he could say back anyway, unless he went the “I’m richer than you” route.

Philadelphia Fans have a lot to be angry about, because in Philly’s first real test James Harden played terribly as he usually does in big games. He finished the night shooting only 3-17 from the field, and looked like a deer caught in headlights against the intense defense the Nets the played.

During his postgame interview he seemed optimistic saying this loss was “good” for Philly, because it gives them a reality check on how much they need to improve as a unit. However, the city of Philadelphia just got their first glimpse at the imposter behind the beard, which they will likely see again in the playoffs.

Sixers fans heckling Ben Simmons is definitely wrong, but it’s also understandable. Ben Simmons cost them so many games in the playoffs, then got mad when people gave him constructive criticism. Nets fans might be heckling him too a few years from now when they realize how much of a liability he will be in the playoffs.

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