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Stephen A Smith Confronts Jalen Rose for Voting Kyrie Irving All NBA Third Team

When the NBA announced their All NBA teams recently a superstar we have grown accustom to seeing on one of those teams was left out. Of course we are talking about Kyrie Irving who played a fraction of the season due to New York’s strange arena vaccine mandate. We all know that Stephen A Smith is Kyrie’s biggest hater in the media, so when he learned that one of his co-workers gave him a vote he wasn’t happy.

Stephen A Smith Reacts to Jalen Rose Voting Kyrie Irving All NBA Third Team

Kyrie Irving received one vote from the media for All NBA third team. Ironically that vote came from Jalen Rose, who was actually one of Kyrie’s biggest critics when he refused to get vaccinated. At the time Jalen Rose ripped Kyrie for not taking one for the team, and going against his personal beliefs for the greater good of the Nets. Stephen A Smith called out Jalen Rose on live TV for using his precious vote on a player he knew that no one else would vote for. Stephen A Smith described Jalen Rose as a ‘thief in the night’ for secretly voting for Kyrie Irving. Skip to the three minute mark of the video.

In all honesty Kyrie Irving shouldn’t be excluded from these awards just because he decided not to get vaccinated. It was the Nets who decided to not let him play in away games, a decision they later reversed. Plus it’s not like Kyrie Irving refused to suit up, he just wasn’t allowed to due to a strange vaccine mandate law that was later changed.

On the season Kyrie Irving average 27ppg on 47% shooting while averaging 6 assist per game, that’s definitely All NBA team worthy. At the end of the day the voting system for these awards is broken, because media members shouldn’t be allowed to vote on things that affect player’s contracts. Only media members that actually played for, coached, or were part of NBA franchises at some point should have a say.