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Stephen Curry Cries near Celtics Logo and Gets Finals MVP after Winning 2022 NBA Championship

History has been made. After Warriors had the worst record in the league a few years ago they have stormed back to their mantle on the NBA throne after securing their 4th NBA Championship. This one might be their greatest feat so far, because it came after two Klay Thompson injuries, Stephen Curry breaking his hand, Gary Payton Jr’s injury, and myriad of other things that kept them from their usual success. Through it all the core of their path to an NBA championship remained the 34 year old Stephen Curry. His emotions after doing the impossible told the whole story.

Stephen Curry Crying on Celtics court After Winning 2022 NBA Championship Was a Historical Moment

In a game where Boston took an early 12-2 lead it looked like one of those nights where Warriors were going to struggle. That all changed when Warriors went on a 21 point run fueled by Stephen Curry’s shooting that pushed them into a double digit lead before halftime. From there Celtics star players got in foul trouble, kept turning the ball over, and taking bad shots. It seemed like they might pull of a comeback when they cut the lead to 8 points in the third quarter, but Curry’s clutch shooting and playmaking always kept them out of reach.

As the buzzer was getting ready to sound you could see Stephen Curry had a shocked look on his face while also smiling. When the buzzer sounded the smile stayed, but his eyes began to water. As his emotions took a hold Stephen Curry cried near Celtics logo as the magnitude of Warriors winning their first organic championship since 2015 began to sink in. It was easy to see this would be the moment he finally gets Finals MVP.


What makes Stephen Curry’s performance most incredible is the dynamics under which he did it. The player on the other team at his same position was the defensive player of the year Marcus Smart. In addition he was also playing against the best defensive team in the league. The same team that made Kevin Durant look very pedestrian on the basketball court.

Stephen Curry Won Finals MVP for the First Time

Finally he got the story book ending his legacy badly needed. Stephen Curry is Finals MVP for the first time in his 13 year career. Many would say it should be his second, but better late than never.

Does this championship run make Stephen Curry a lock among the top ten players of all time? Can you now even go as far as saying Stephen Curry is top 5 all time? He just put out the team that stopped Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo all in the same season.

For Stephen Curry, finally getting Finals MVP and winning a championship in this manner is his version Lebron’s 2016 championship in terms of what it means for his career.

What Does This Finals Loss Mean for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum?

The Boston Celtics may have lost this series, but they still have put a scary stamp on the league. They are going to be a major problem for Eastern conference for years to come, and could easily be right back in the Finals next season. Their core of Jaylen and Tatum is still very youthful in terms of age, but they now also have experience.

If you timeline their careers you’ll notice there is always improvement. They made the Eastern Conference Finals as rookies, and a few years later made the NBA Finals. Their inevitable path is heading towards a NBA Championship at some point. It just wasn’t meant to be this year.