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Does Lebron James Have a Razor Bump Problem?

LeBron James is one of the most famous and successful athletes in the world. He has won four NBA championships, four MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals. He has a net worth of over $1 billion and a global fan base. Recently many people began to believe he is also has a razor bump issue.

What Made Lebron James’ Alleged Razor Bumps Go Viral?

Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed the alleged razor bumps after watching his latest interview before the Lakers’ Western Conference Finals matchup with the Nuggets. The reporters were so close to his face with their cameras that they captured every detail of his jawline, including the alleged tiny bumps usually caused by shaving irritation.

Some people found it amusing that even someone like LeBron, who can afford the best grooming products and services, still faces some of the same problems that the average male does when it comes to shaving. Others felt sorry for him and wondered if he was using the right razor or shaving cream. And some speculated that it was a sign that he was stressed about facing the Nuggets, and their star center Nikola Jokic, who has been dominating the playoffs.

Whatever the reason, LeBron’s alleged razor bumps became a trending topic on social media, with many fans and haters sharing their opinions and jokes. Some even suggested he should use a completely different shaving method, but most agreed that it was not a big deal, and that he would still play great in the series.

However, it appears many people didn’t watch the video long enough to see those weren’t actual razor bumps. Rather they short grey hairs that are being distorted by the camera.

Lebron James razor bumps and grey beard hair evidence
Lebron James Razor Bumps? Or Grey Beard Hair?
Lebron James razor bumps and grey beard
Lebron James Grey Beard Hair Confirmation

LeBron himself did not comment on his razor bump allegation, but he probably did not care too much about them considering it is actually his grey hair. He has bigger things to worry about, like leading his team to another championship, and cementing his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

One thing that video could prove is that without the artificial coloring it’s possible that Lebron James would have a completely grey beard, which would actually be really cool to see. Imagine him dominating the league with a full grey beard, it would be legendary.

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