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Does Beyonce Have Butt Implants in New Ivy Park Release Photos?

New Ivy Park release photos are sparking a conspiracy theory that Beyonce has butt implants now. In the photo Beyonce’s butt seems to have a noticeably different shape that doesn’t look natural anymore. It has the same look that make people assume Kim Kardashian’s butt had surgical work done.

Beyonce is almost 40 and has had multiple kids, so it’s possible she may have went under the knife and got butt implants to keep her youthful look. Take a look at the evidence.

Beyonce looks as beautiful as ever, but the angles of her butt in these photos just doesn’t seem natural. It’s possible it could be the lighting or special effects used by the photographer.

At the end of the day if Beyonce has butt implants and they make her feel more confident then good for her. However, it would go against the “emotionally strong woman” personality she conveys in the way she carries herself and her music.

Given that Beyonce allegedly dislikes Kim Kardashian, it would ironic if she went and had the same kind of alleged work done on her body. The Ivy Park clothing line is amazing though, and you should definitely check it out.

Author: JordanThrilla