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Details on LA South Sider Swifty Blue’s ‘Check In’ Website for Rappers Visiting Los Angeles after PNB Rock’s Death

Ever since PNB Rock was murdered at Roscoe’s the safety of out of town rappers in LA has been a hot topic. Many Los Angeles rappers have sent warnings about not posting locations, but one LA native is taking a different approach to help rappers avoid the same fate as PNB Rock, and others. Swifty Blue is using website technology to create a program for ‘checking in’.

Details About LA South Sider Swifty Blue’s “Check In” Website for Rappers Visiting LA

Swifty Blue recently sent a warning to rappers visiting LA about how important it was for them to notify LA gangsters before stepping into the city. To the make the process easier he used his business acumen to find a website developer to create his new website “swifycheck.in”. The great thing about it is that he provides a robust amount of safety services to rappers who actually come to his website.

Firstly after you check in on Swifty Blue’s website he promises to notify all Los Angeles hoods that the specific rapper is good in the city. In addition if you request it, he will provide security that will roll with you to keep you safe. Most likely he’s offering the security at a much cheaper price than professional agencies. Rappers even get a ‘check in certificate’ after completing the process. Take a look at some screenshots from the website.

As you can see the website looks very professional and clean, almost like what you would see from a travel agency. It’s honestly surprising that no one thought of this sooner.

Considering the string of murders in LA involving out of town rappers this is something they should really look into before traveling to the city. Theoretically Swifty Blue’s check-in website could have saved PNB Rock’s life if it existed before his death.

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