Blueface Boot Camp is going viral after a video where Blueface’s girlfriends were getting tattoos of his face or name on their bodies. It wasn’t the permanent artwork being put on their body that made this video strange, it was the way Blueface has his groupies living like soldiers.

The footage shows Blueface’s girlfriends sleeping in bunk beds and dirty rooms spread out across his house. It honestly looked like all these women needed a place to stay, and willing to do anything for him to make sure they have a roof over their heads.

Men who fear having daughters probably have nightmares about situations like this happening. This video has real R Kelly vibes going on. Can you imagine scrolling through social media and seeing your daughter sleeping in a bunk bed at Blueface’s house getting ready to get his face tattooed on her body?

Pray for the women in this video. That was sad to watch.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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