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Emotional Joe Budden Says He’s Going To Therapy with Rory To Save His Podcast and Friendship

When Joe Budden joined a Clubhouse interview recently he sounded like a man who really wanted mend the feud he was having with Rory and Mal. He refused to give any details about the issues they were having, and told people friends go through the things. Many people urged Joe Budden to leave his friends behind since his career is advancing quickly.

The Revelation of Joe Budden’s Therapy Sessions with Rory

It now appears Joe Budden is going to therapy with Rory so they can save the podcast and their friendship. Joe Budden claims he’s “therapy guy”, so people shouldn’t be surprised. This news isn’t surprising if you listened closely to what he said during the clubhouse interview the other day.

Some people think their therapy sessions will be a publicity stunt that will be made into special on Patreon, but it really seems like he is being sincere about this.

Joe Budden really sounds like he misses his friends, and you can’t hate on that. True friends can work past any issues no matter how big or small it is.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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