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Wild Bar Fight During NYC Birthday Party Goes Viral

A Birthday is supposed to be a special day where people pay homage to your life in different ways. Each person has their preference of what they would like their celebration to be like. Some people like when things are kept simple, and some people yearn for an extravagant affair. For one NYC man his simple celebration turned chaotic unexpectedly, then went viral.

Crazy Bar Fight During NYC Birthday Party Goes Viral

This crazy situation started while a waiter was bringing a Sundae with a lit candle to a table, while someone was singing happy birthday to the NYC man. At the same moment you could see two men arguing in the background for some unknown reason. Within a few seconds they start fighting, and one of the men was thrown into the NYC man’s birthday candle and table.

It appeared that a black man was fighting two white men at same time, and it got so heated a table was thrown. No one was trying to get involved, so the bystanders just stood back watch the brawl ensue.

Perhaps the craziest thing about the video was the waiter seeming oblivious to the fact that all hell was breaking lose inside the bar. He walked to the table holding that cup ever so carefully like the two guys weren’t a few feet inflicting punishment on each other.

All in all everyone should be lucky that guy didn’t get set on fire when he landed face first into the sparkling candle. This is a birthday party story that has NYC vibes written all over it.

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