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DJ Envy Allegedly Admits Stealing from Sam’s Club in Leaked Audio Going Viral Fueling More Conspiracy Theories About Real Estate Scam Allegations

DJ Envy, the co-host of the popular hip-hop radio show The Breakfast Club, is facing a backlash after an old audio clip of him admitting to stealing from Sam’s Club went viral on YouTube. The audio clip, which was reportedly recorded in 2017, features DJ Envy telling a story of how he and his friends used to shoplift from the Sam’s Club with the help of a security guard who worked there.

How DJ Envy Allegedly Used to Steal From Sam’s Club

The clip has resurfaced amid the allegations that DJ Envy was involved in a multi-million dollar real estate scam orchestrated by his business partner Cesar Pina, also known as Flipping NJ. Pina, who appeared several times on The Breakfast Club as a guest, and co-hosted real estate seminars with DJ Envy, was arrested last week on charges of wire fraud for allegedly defrauding dozens of investors through a Ponzi-like scheme.

Many of the lawsuits filed against Pina also name DJ Envy as a co-defendant, claiming that he used his celebrity status and platform to promote Pina’s fraudulent ventures.

DJ Envy has denied any wrongdoing, and said that he himself was a victim of Pina’s scheme. He also said that he never stole from anyone, which is where the leaked audio comes into play.

Based on the newly leaked audio, DJ Envy stole from Sam’s Club by filling up shopping carts with expensive items, and walking out with fake receipts, with the help of the security guard and other friends.

Some critics have pointed out that the clip contradicts his claim, and suggests that he has a history of dishonesty and deception. They argue that DJ Envy’s past theft confession could be proof that he has it in him to knowingly be part of a real estate scam.

The controversy has sparked a heated debate among fans, and listeners of The Breakfast Club, with some defending DJ Envy and others calling for his resignation or boycott. The radio station that airs the show, Power 105.1, has not issued any official statement on the matter yet in terms of DJ Envy’s future. However, he was seen working remotely in recent days.