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Crowd Reacting to Cassidy’s Embarrassing Freestyle During ‘Bars on I-95’ Goes Viral

Over the past few years Cassidy’s fall from grace has been well documented on social media. Once known for his incredible punchlines, Cassidy’s whole persona has become a punchline. Whether it was him making cheap beats on social media or his lackluster performances during freestyle battles, he went from being revered to being clowned most of the time. That continued after a horrific freestyle moment on a radio show went viral.

Crowd Reaction to Cassidy’s Embarrassing Freestyle on ‘Bars on I-95’ Goes Viral

You know how sometimes when people freestyle they think they said something so hot that it needs to be repeated? Or you know how sometimes a rapper will repeat a punchline, because he thinks the audience didn’t understand what he said? Cassidy’s ‘Bars on I-95’ freestyle had two moments like that, but it ended making things awkward. It seems Cassidy has lost all sense of self awareness.

The freestyle disaster started when Cassidy said, ‘It’s lonely at the top, but when you at the top you don’t need a loan‘. Immediately people were not impressed with is basic bar, and it caused an awkward silence. Things would get worse as he continued saying, ‘f*** a job I make enough to survive off weed alone. I’m married to the ratchet I carry I never leave her home, and every night I sleep with my wife I never sleep alone‘. The basic bars created another awkward silence from the unimpressed crowd, and Cassidy made things worse by repeating that last bar over again. Take a look.

It’s not clear if it affected his brain, but after that car accident Cassidy’s bars just were never the same again. Now they are all usually very basic, and lack the cleverness they used to have. Unless he had a ghostwriter before, something affected his overall ability to create punchlines.

Now when Cassidy raps it just sounds generic and outdated, and his reactions to his own lyrics are similar to a person laughing at their own jokes. The one good highlight he has had over the past few years was winning the battle against Hitman Holla.